2 Years Later…

Its definitely been a while since I’ve updated. It’s been an hectic 2 years but now, I think I am at a point to continue my Korean learning. I have a lot of catching up to do but I think I can handle it! I apologize to anyone who was expecting updates since my last post; honestly for a while, I gave up on korean because I never had the time to learn. I may be updating this blog on my progress but I haven’t decided yet…

But for now, time to whip out my old books. Thanks for reading everyone!


Quick update!

Hey guys! Sorry for my long hiatus but I’m back now! My last day of school was yesterday so now I’m free~
I got a new job and I’m taking a few college courses this summer so I’m not going to be on as much as I would want to BUT I will be able to post at least once or twice a week. Honestly, I haven’t studied korean at all this school year TT I feel like I have regressed in my korean. But that’s ok because I’m thinking about taking a korean class this summer so hopefully it will get me back on track and able to continuously stay focused on my language learning.

I won’t start posting right away because I’m going on vacation next week (does going to an anime convention count as a vacation???) but after that I will try to get back on track and refresh my memory in korean!

Please look forward to my next posts and thank you for reading!

Some More Helpful Korean Learning websites!

Here are a few more I have found ^^

Korean with Listening SAT test practice – It’s basically what it says! Even if your’re not planning to take the SAT, It just some fun practice to do! If you get the answer wrong, it will help explain to you why you got it wrong and offer you another chance to answer it again

Type Racer – This is helpful for learning how to type faster on your keyboard in Korean!

Korean Language Adventure – Virtual tour of popular foods, places, and attractions around Korea! It is in Korean but a translation is provided. It is very helpful for leaning about Korea while improving vocab,speaking and reading skills! Also, there is a game at the end of the lesson.

Lang8 – This website is helpful for having your sentences corrected by native speakers of that language!

These are all of the websites for now! I will be updating this as I come across some more!

Goodbye 2013!

Well not yet. It’s still 2013 over here haha..

Well anyway I hope everyone had a great 2013 and will have an even better 2014! This year by way too fast! It is close to being my first year of my blog!  Thanks to you guys I have gotten the courage to keep my blog running and continue to make new posts.

Also I am making  a post tomorrow for some more korean learning websites i have found and more  ^^

Happy New Year Everybody~

더원(The One) – 그 남자 (That Man)


I just wanted to post this video because the song is so good! If you are a fan of the drama Secret Garden and That Winter the Wind blows, you’ll love this cover by 더원! He sang the OST for That Winter, The Wind Blows. A while ago he appeared on the show, Im a singer and sang the OST of Secret Garden! What I love the most about this cover is that he combined the two songs together and it sounds AMAZING. If you watch the video, you can see the people in the audience getting teary-eyed over his singing. You MUST listen to this song you will not regret it!

[Lucky Draw Book!] Sogang Book 1A Review + 1A Workbook

(Finally) I’m writing my first book review! wpid-0805131323.jpg I won the Lucky Draw from TwoChois and got the Songang Korean 1A textbook and workbook! It also came with this mini student book for grammar and Vocabulary! The textbook and the workbook also came with audio cd’s. wpid-0805131326a.jpg wpid-0805131326b.jpg wpid-0805131326.jpg Since this is the first book in the series, they give you a (very brief) introduction to hangul.  This book DOES NOT teach you the different letters ; it only gives you help with the pronunciation of vowels. So if you’re thinking about getting this book then make sure you know all the letters and their meaning! Each section in the textbook gives you dialogues, writing questions, reading and speaking lessons, and key vocabulary and expressions. I like how the beginning of each chapter gives you activities/games to do with groups of people for memorizing and learning the vocab/grammar/etc. On top of all of this, you have an audio cd to follow along with to hep with listening and speaking skills. This Textbook gives you more questions to answer but they aren’t really challenging which is a let down because there are lots of questions for each chapter. wpid-0805131221.jpg wpid-0805131220.jpg I love the workbook that came along with the texbook!  It follows along with the textbook really well and it is HUGE. It has questions that are more challenging and at the end of the workbook it includes an answer key! This also comes with an audio cd! What I really love about this workbook is that it gives mini culture lessons in between the chapters and some grammar tips! ((There are also lots of pictures throughout the book!)) wpid-0805131323a.jpgwpid-0805131219c.jpg The grammar and vocab book is really small and doesn’t have many pages. It gives you the general idea about grammar in the Korean language in the introduction. The grammar lessons are separated by the units in the textbook and follow along with it. The rest of the Book include the glossary and vocab~ Wow this was my first textbook review! I love these textbooks and I will definitely continue to buy them. Sorry for taking so long to post this! I will do my Ewha Korean textbook review shortly! Thanks for reading~